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What Makes You Different Than A Nanny Or Baby Sitter?

What makes you different from a nanny or a baby sitter?

The nanny and the baby sitter’s main focus is the children. As a doula our main focus is the MAMA and her family as a whole

We focus on

- Emotional support ( how mama is feeling? Is mama taking care of herself?)

- Physical support ( has mama had a nap today? Can I do light chores to make her day easier? How about a meal to nourish you mama?)

- Informational support ( does mama need resources when it comes to breastfeeding, formula feeding? Why is my baby crying and not sleeping? Etc)

We love the babies but we especially LOVE the mamas! After all..everyone wants to hold the babies, but who holds the mama? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Photo credit:Mary Lenihan

Beautiful mama and her baby: Misti Foster

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