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Virtual Postpartum Support

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

"What is that?"

Ok, picture this:

(or maybe you won't need to because you're living in it right now)

You're home with your new baby, trying to adjust to a whole new human being part of your family, and the things you used to have so much control of are now in shambles; your house is a disaster, you feel like a hot mess and can't remember the last time you showered or brushed your teeth, your mind is on overdrive 24/7 thinking about the questions that you don't have answers to, and you just don't feel like yourself. You need support, but the thought of inviting someone into your home causes even more stress because...

"have you seen this place?!"

Does that resonate?!

First of all - I've been there, and so many other moms have too. You'd probably be surprised to know just how many moms are there with you right now, too!

Secondly - there is Z E R O reason for you to feel shame over ANY of that! You've got A LOT going on, and in case no one has told you, you're doing an AMAZING job!

BUT - the fact that you're doing an amazing job doesn't mean that you're not allowed to lean on support. I have the perfect solution for you:

Virtual Postpartum Support!

(Girl, you can even turn your camera off if you want!)

We'll hop on a ZOOM call for an hour, and you'll leave feeling seen, heard, validated, and ready to get back at it with tools to make life easier as you navigate the 4th trimester!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Answers to all of your questions regarding this transitional season - we'll talk baby care, YOU care, lactation + feedings, nutrition, mental health, and anything else that you need a sounding board for!

  • Resources for the areas you're needing more support in - lactation consultants, support groups, educational materials, tips + tricks, easy + nutritious recipes, + more!

If the thought of having someone to talk to and lean on for support in this season feels like how it felt when you used to be able to sit in your favorite cozy spot and finish an entire cup of coffee before it got cold...we should chat! $30/hour

Talk to you soon!

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