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Daytime Support

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

As moms, we all know that having someone over to help take care of the baby overnight would be an absolute DREAM (pun intended!), but sometimes the sweetest moments when they're still itty-bitty are those calm, quiet nighttime feedings. They just hit different - the rest of the world seems to have faded away:

You + Your baby - All of the distractions = POSTPARTUM BLISS

Aaaaaaand then your alarm goes off.

(or your baby wakes up...which is really just your new alarm these days!)

As sweet as those nighttime snuggles were, you're faced with the exhausting reality that you don't have the energy you need to tackle the day in a way that keeps your household (and YOU) from falling apart.

PSSSSST...I have a secret.

You don't have to choose between indulging in those sweet snoozy snuggles or having the capacity to take on the day!

Let's make a deal:

You cover nighttime feedings, +

I'll come help out during the day!

This is what I call


Energy sustainability is KEY during this season - your health, the health of your baby, and the health of your family are dependent on it! Get the rest that you need without sacrificing your favorite memories with your newborn.

Wondering what that would look like?

Imagine this:

I show up at your house, the baby just had a blowout, you're on the verge of tears because you're so exhausted. You're feeling guilty because you just connected with your baby last night and it was the most precious thing you've ever experienced but now you want to pull your hair out at the sound of their cry - you're thinking, "what is WRONG WITH ME." (Girl, you're tired. Go to sleep, I've got this.) So you go to your room, take a hot bath with epsom salt or a bath bomb, crawl in bed, and take a nap. When you wake up, you come out to lunch made, baby fed, changed, and sleeping, an empty sink, and the laundry folded. It's time for me to head out, but you finally feel like things are manageable + you can be the mom you want to be for the rest of the day - and all you did was SLEEP!


Let's get you the rest that you need, sister!

Talk soon!

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